#Husky visit

Where: Eisten zum Tann

Get to know our huskies in their home, experience their joie de vivre up close. Observe their behavior and learn new things about our huskies.

Our pack will show you their home, have you always wanted to see how the huskies live and what our little rascals are up to? During the kennel visit, you can experience the huskies up close, how they romp around and relax. Everything that goes into keeping the huskies busy and caring for them.

#Event description

Upon arrival you will be greeted by a typical husky howling concert. Depending on your dog experience, you will get to know the dogs in their home individually or as a pack. You can watch them romping around on the large playground. They love to be cuddled and like to be pampered. We explain the character of the husky, why the Siberian husky is suitable as a sled dog and what stupid things they sometimes do. On our educational trail you will learn a lot of exciting information about the Siberian Husky.


 Drinks, mineral water, tea

 Information about sled dogs

 Husky trekking about 15 minutes

Educational trail for sled dogs

 Visit Husky Kennel

 Supervision by the WSA

 Languages ​​DE, E, FR

Dates & Duration

When: June to October

Time: Wednesday 14:00, or by arrangement

Where: Eisten zum Tann

Duration: 2 hours

Costs: Groups of 6-10 people CHF 550.00

Costs: Groups of 11-20 people CHF 850.00

Bring along

 Good shoes


 Clothing adapted to the weather

 Enjoyment of huskies

 Close to nature

Contact & Booking

Contact: Anja Nehrenheim

Mail: info@wild-swiss-adventure.ch

Telephone: +41 27 510 48 01

Booking: Proceed with booking

#Meeting point: Eisen zum Tann

#Arrival by bus, line 511 to the Eisten zum Tann stop.
#Arrival by car, Eisten zum Tann parking spaces at the bus stop.