#Trekking Sunrise

Where: Saas-Grund

A power hike with the support of a husky. The hike begins at dawn, through an enchanting mountain backdrop.

A different kind of trekking tour, let yourself be inspired by the energy and joie de vivre of the Nordic dogs. The tours are an experience in themselves thanks to our four-legged companions. Due to the energy of the huskies, the tours are quick, and you always have to keep the pranksters of the huskies in mind.

#Event description

At the beginning we will equip you with a suitable climbing harness and headlamp. We will show you what needs to be considered when trekking. Then it starts, each participant gets their own husky for the trekking. During the hike you will learn a lot of interesting facts about sled dogs. The hike starts early and has its own charm in the dark. 


 Climbing harness

 Information about sled dogs

 Equipment for the huskies

 Souvenir photos

 Supervision by the WSA

Dates & duration

When: May to October

Time: Tuesday 04:30

Where: Saas-Grund

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: Adults CHF 220.00

Costs: young people CHF 132.00

Execution: From 1 participant

Bring along

 Trekking or hiking shoes

 Clothing adapted to the weather

 Small backpack with drink

 Closeness to nature

 Enjoyment of huskies

 Good condition

 Ticket for the mountain railways

Contact & Inquiries

Kontakt: Anja Nehrenheim

Mail: info@wild-swiss-adventure.ch

Telephone: +41 27 510 48 01

Booking: Proceed with booking

#Meeting point: Hohsaas cable car valley station

#Arrival by bus possible
#Arrival by car possible