#Husky Kids day

Wo: Eisten 

A sled ride with dogs HP, let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm of our huskies. A tour here in Valais, surrounded by a magnificent mountain landscape.

A round on a sled with the sled dogs is a wonderful experience. Driving through a snowy landscape and being pulled by our furry friends. Getting to know the dogs and being happy with them when the action starts is always impressive.

#Event description

The little ones really big, sleigh rides for children up to 12 years. Experience the opportunity to take a sleigh ride with the huskies. At the beginning the focus is on getting to know the huskies, then there is some information about the furry friends so that you can better understand the behavior of the sled dogs. Then we will explain how the dog sled works and how to steer it. There follow some exercises with the dog sled & without a husky. After that you will be assigned a husky and you can drive the dog sled on the trail yourself. You will be supported by your companion.


 Getting to know the huskies

 Information about huskies

 Materials science

 Sledding with your own husky

 Drinks, tea, mineral water


 Supervision by the WSA

Dates & Duration

When: December to April

Time: Saturday from 09:30

Where: Eisten zum Tann

Duration: 2.5h

Cost: CHF 110.00 for children

Participants: 4-6

Bring along

 Winter shoes

 An das Wetter angepasste Kleidung


Clothing adapted to the weather

 Enjoyment of huskies

 A helmet is recommended for children

Contact & Inquiries

Contact: Anja Nehrenheim

Mail: info@wild-swiss-adventure.ch

Telephone: +41 27 510 48 01

Booking: Proceed with booking

#Meeting point: Eisen zum Tann, at the cable car