#The WSA

Wild Swiss Adventure GmbH

Our philosophy is based on a strong, healthy relationship. We want to create a basic understanding for our dogs so that you can enjoy the time together. Mutual respect is paramount and is the basis of any stable relationship.

Wild Swiss Adventure GmbH is based in Eisten (VS). CEO is Anja Nehrenheim


Husky's first is our device. It doesn't matter whether it's a race after an 80km stage or at events. The most important thing for us is the welfare of our huskies. But the fun and the adventure will certainly not be neglected 😊. It will be an unforgettable event that will be remembered. All of this in a unique setting. Through the energy of our huskies, some trails are rediscovered and new impressions are created. A wonderful experience for everyone. 


Things are never as they seem. They are always what you make of them. (Jean Anouilh). Finding a common language is the cornerstone of a relationship. We would be happy to show you the way to a non-violent upbringing in order to build a stable bond.

Joy & Fun

The elixir of life, it should give you joy and fun. For this you need the understanding of the other person in order to speak a common language. We would be happy to show you how our dogs communicate, so that you can continue to walk your path with lots of joy.


Is the keyword for mutual respect. You decide to walk a part of life together. Every relationship has ups and downs. We support you to cope with the lows in a relationship. 


Life can only be enjoyed to the full when you are healthy. As with us, needs change depending on the season, performance and vitality. It is a basic need that is very versatile and should be well covered to have a good start to the day.

Social skills

Dividing the space needs to be learned. The respect has to be there in a world that is getting faster and faster and expects more and more adjustments from you. Help your dog on this path, for a peaceful togetherness.