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We are a family-owned company based in Eisten, VS, and we offer unforgettable Husky events throughout the year in the Upper Valais region. From Saas-Fee to Goms, we have the perfect Husky event for you. Let yourself be enchanted by our charming sled dogs and experience unforgettable adventures with them in the beautiful Swiss nature.

Our Husky events include Husky sleigh rides, Husky trekking tours, youth experience days, and unique grill apéros in our tipi village. With our experienced team of guides, you will explore the breathtaking mountain landscapes and forests in the Upper Valais region while being accompanied by our Huskies.

Adventurer Siberian Husky

#Summer Events in the Upper Valais

What you can experience with us in summer

Events for school classes and groups

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Professional organizers and guides

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Sled Dog Workshops

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Experience Husky Speed-Hiking in the alpine region

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What do you want to experience?

Would you like to enjoy a unique experience in the Upper Valais? We would be happy to organize a perfect day full of adventure and unforgettable moments for you! We offer various experiences revolving around the Husky, allowing you to get up close with our Siberian Huskies. If you're passionate about outdoor activities, we also have a lot to offer you. With our partners and guides, you can embark on adventures that will push your limits.
We want to ensure that your experience with us is our top priority. That's why we work closely with you to consider your wishes and expectations, creating a tailor-made day that you will never forget. So don't hesitate any longer and let us help you create the perfect event in the Upper Valais!

Husky Trekking Mattmark

June-October 2023

Experience a trekking tour with our Huskies around the  Mattmark reservoir in the Swiss Alps. Our guides will accompany you and make stops at the most beautiful viewpoints to enjoy nature.

Speed Hiking Husky in Saas-Almagell

June-October 2023

Experience an exciting speed hiking tour accompanied by our Huskies in the impressive Swiss Alps. The tour starts early in the morning and takes you to the Mattmark reservoir and back.

Husky Trekking Hohsaas

June-September 2023

Experience a Husky trekking tour from Kreuzboden to Hohsaas. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain world. Breaks with refreshments are included before taking the cable car back to the valley station.

Husky Trekking Family

April-November 2023

Experience a family Husky trekking tour in Saas-Balen with a guide introduction and a circular route along the Vispa river through beautiful forests. Interact with your Husky for a photoshoot. An unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Youth Adventure Days

July 2024

Experience exciting summer activities in the Saas Valley and become a Husky expert. In addition to daily activities with the Huskies, sports experiences await you. The experienced team will accompany you.

Husky Trekking with BBQ

April-November 2023

Experience a Husky trekking tour from Saas-Balen to the Husky kennel in Eisten. Get to know the Huskies, visit the kennel, and enjoy a BBQ in nature.

Husky Cart Ride

September-October 2024

Experience a 1-hour Husky event with a cart ride in the Upper Valais. The passenger ride on the 1 km long tour offers wonderful views of the breathtaking nature.

Husky Presentations

April-November 2023

Experience a lecture on the  care, needs, training, racing, and feeding of Huskies. The second lecture focuses on the history and origin of the breed, with an emphasis on the Serum Run and Togo.

Adventurer Siberian Husky

#Winter Events in the Upper Valais

What you can experience with us in winter

Drive your own sled dog team

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Husky trekking in the Saas Valley

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Siberian Husky Power

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Passenger rides

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What do you want to experience?

Husky Sled Rides Oberwald

December-March 23/24

Experience a 2.5-hour Husky event with a passenger ride on a 3 km long trail in Oberwald. Interact with the Huskies and learn more about them during an aperitif in the Kota.

Husky Sled Rides Oberwald Fondue

December-March 23/24

Experience a 2.5-hour Husky event with a passenger ride on a 3 km long trail in Oberwald. Interact with the Huskies and enjoy a delicious cheese fondue.

Husky Sled Rides Simplon Pass

December-April 23/24

Experience a 1-hour Husky event on a 2 km long trail at the Simplon Pass. Enjoy the passenger ride and the opportunity to interact with the Huskies and get to know them.

Husky Sled Rides Simplon Pass Musher

December-April 23/24

Experience a 2.5-hour Husky event on the Simplon Pass with your own team and get to know the Huskies. Experienced guides will support you during the Husky tour.

Husky Sled Rides Saas-Almagell

December-March 23/24

Experience a 1.5-hour Husky event with a sleigh ride by moonlight in Saas-Almagell along the 2 km long trail along the Vispa river, accompanied by experienced guides.

Husky Sled Rides Moosalp

February 2024

Experience a Husky event in Bürchen with a passenger sled ride on a 1.6 km trail. Our experienced and well-trained Huskies and guides will accompany you during your experience.

Husky Sled Rides Saas-Balen

January-February 2024

Experience a 40-minute Husky event on the ski slope of Saas-Balen. Enjoy the passenger round trip on a 650-meter trail, accompanied by Huskies and guides.

Husky Sled Rides Eisten Kids

December-February 23/24

A Husky experience for children: Here, you will learn how to lead a Husky team and everything you need as a musher. You will get to know the Husky and lead a team.


Report in Swiss TV about our work.

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Husky Days 2022 Moosalp

#Moosalp #RRO #WSA Team

Bericht im RRO

 #RRO #Obwerwallis #WSA #Daniel Zumoberhaus

Sie heulen wie der Wolf und ziehen das Achtfache ihres Gewichts – die Welt der Huskys in der Hellela. Erstmals gibts in der Moosalpregion Husky-Schlittenfahrten. Diese waren subito ausgebucht. Was macht diese Fahrten so speziell? Ein Besuch bei den Hunden in der Hellela..Den ganzen Bericht auf RRO findest du hier.Link.

Bericht im RRO

 #RRO #Obwerwallis #WSA #Christina Werlen

Sportskanonen auf vier Pfoten. Familie Nehrenheim besitzt 16Huskys. Mit diesen nehmen sie regelmässig an Hundeschlittenrennen teil. Ein Besuch bei den sportlichen Vierbeinern. Den ganzen Bericht auf RRO findest du Link.

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