Wild Swiss Adventure & Dog School GmbH

We are a family business based in Eisten VS. We offer husky events throughout the year. Let yourself be enchanted by unique husky events in a breathtaking mountain world. Enjoy husky sledding, husky trekking tours, kennel visits and unique musher apéros in our small tipi village.

#Winter Events in the Saas Valley & Moosalp

#Husky sleigh ride

Event location: Saas-Almagell Eialp

Event day: Saturday

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: CHF 250.00

Trail length: 4-5km

Details & Booking

#Husky sleigh ride

Event location: Saas-Almagell Zermeiggern

Event Day: Friday & Sunday

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: CHF 160.00

Trail length: 2-3km

Details & Booking

Flash News

- November 22: Phil will participate  on the Lekkarod rade  2023 with 12 SH.Good Mush!

- October 22: Anja will participate in the 300km race Šediváčkův long 2023 with 10-12SH. Good Mush!

- September 22: Dates for 2 weekends in Moosalp are fixed 4.&5.2.23 / 11.&12.2.23

- August 22: Winter events can be booked now

- June 22: Educational trail about Sberian huskies is ready

- May 22: Book the summer program for husky events in the Saas Valley now Link to book

- April22: Our pack is getting reinforcements, welocome R-Win

- April 22: Huskywool unique products from Huskyunterwoole, the company in Grächen

- April 22: Wild Swiss Adventure takes part in the Feriupass in Visp. Secure your places for the summer holidays

- März 22: The tipis for the kennel visits are ordered, we look forward to welcoming you to our tipis soon 

- März 22: Addition to the Wild Swiss Adventure pack, Yakari is our new member

#Husky sleigh ride

Event location: Saas-Balen ski lift

Event day: Tuesday

Duration: 20 minutes

Price: CHF 40.00

Trail length: 400-800m

Details & Booking

#Husky Kids Day

Event location: Zum Tann, Eisten

Event day: Saturday // For kids

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: CHF 110.00

Trail length: 200-300m

Details & Booking

Online Shop

In our Online-Shop you will find the perfect gift idea

Book your personal husky event here in the Online-Shop.

#Husky sleigh ride

Event location: Moosalp

Event days: 4/5 & 11/12 February

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: CHF 110.00-140.00

Details & Booking

#Husky Trekking Blizzard

Event location: Saas Fee

Event day: Wednesday

Duration: 1-3 hours

Price: from CHF 70.00

Details & Booking


Report in Swiss TV about our work #Powerhunde #SRF #WSA Team #Blizzard

Husky Days 2022 Moosalp #Moosalp #RRO
#WSA Team 

Sports aces on four legs. The Nehrenheim family owns ten huskies. With these, they regularly take part in dog sled races. A visit to the sporty four-legged friends. You can find the whole report on RRO here  #RRO #Obwerwallis #WSA 
#Christina Werlen

They howl like wolves and pull eight times their weight - the world of huskies in the Hellela. For the first time there are husky sleigh rides in the Moosalp region. These were booked out immediately. What makes these trips so special? A visit to the dogs in the Hellela.. You can find the whole story on RRO here  #RRO #Obwerwallis #WSA 
#Daniel Zumoberhaus

#More offers

#Sport workshops

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More details

#Impressions winter 2021/2022

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